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  • Ingredients:

    Our colostrum serum is produced by 100% organic Alpine bio farms. Natural Vitality colostrum is a pure cow colostrum serum, degreased protein reduced.

  • Many health benefits

    Colostrum stimulates and regulates the immune system and secures the general energy provision. It´s stabilizies during chemo and radiation therapies.

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  • 100% Alpine bio farms

    Alpine bio farms where a mother cow get the highest quality grass-fed. They are free to graze on herb rich meadows and pasture.

  • 100% pure Colostrum

    Our colostrum products are free from sugar, tree nuts or fish, peanuts, colourings, flavourings, gluten, egg, yeast, gelatin, soy and wheat.

What our customers say

"Our products stands for quality. Each of our colostrum product is thoroughly tested by our professional team. This is how we ensure that every customer is happy with us. We are looking forward to your rating. Thank you for being with us" - Natural Vitality

I am very satisfied with the capsules. I take two capsules daily and at the onset of cold symptoms and feel a few hours improvement in the symptoms. I absolutely recommend the product.

John Bowski Director

These capsules were recommended to me personally and since I was in my office job in the fall and winter very susceptible to all sorts of viruses. I just tried it and i am not ill anymore.

Brito Smith Marketing ANalyst

I do not know if it's because of Colostrum or something else, but since I take it, I'm fine, I'm not going to get ill anymore. When my daughter came to the day care center, she brought home all sorts of illnesses and I was permanently ill, had to take one antibiotic after another. Not anymore, thank you natural vitality.

Olivia Davies Mother

I have been taking it for more than 2 years. Whenever I think I could get ill, I take 2 capsules and I stay healthy. Especially in winter, colostrum is highly recommended.

Jacob Taylor Office Manager

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Welcome to the Natural Vitality website were health can be easy. Our colostrum product company is located in the Eifel Mountains in Germany. We have a dedicated United Kingdom fulfilment centre for UK customers. Our highly qualitative colostrum is not just treating symptoms. It is on the real causes of issues and illness. Natural Vitality knows how to really be healthy. Colostrum provides many health benefits. It contains a wider range of trace elements and vitamins.

  • Colostrum overview Information

    Colostrum, the power of nature is a milky fluid which comes from the breasts of humans, cows and other mammals. It is produced in the first few days after the givingbith and before true milk appears. What makes colostrum so healthy? It’s the fact, that colostrums contains a lot of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and special proteins (antibodies) that help fighting disease-causing agents such as bacteria and viruses. The antibody levels in colostrum, can be about 100 times higher than levels in regular cow´s milk. Some athletes use colostrums to burn fat, build lean muscle, also to increase stamina and vitality. Not only a bit of athletics, speak about a improved athletic performance, after using colostrums for a while. The possibility to buy colostrums online, the power of mother nature, is changing the health care branche. Colostrum contains important ingredients like biestmilk. This powerful effect is often underestimated. What is Beast Milk and how does it work?

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  • Why buy colostrums from NATURAL VITALITY?

    Why to buy your colostrums from NATURAL VITALITY is a good question. As you know, colostrum is the first milk which a cow gives to her newborn calves. Some of the benefits for immune functions are for example: The stimulation and regulation of the whole immune system. Also it secures the general energy provision. A lot of people, which are working in jobs with a high physical stress, can use colostrum for stimulating, particularly during extraordinary physical stress. Our colostrums supplies are produced below 40 °C as preservation of active agents or bioactivity. Cold sterile filtrated according to pharmaceutical standards, therefore free of preservatives. Our colostrums products, contains more than 80 nutritional and vital minerals in a natural recipe, turning colostrums into a unique food for the body. Buy colostrum Liquid & Capules Supplements from NATURAL VITALITY, your german colostrum brand.

Natures first food of life!

Our colostrum products are produced in a highly qualitative way and is based on organic Alpine farms. They are certified to ISO 9001. Natural Vitality colostrum is produced by New Zealand and Alpine grass-fed cows, who are free to graze. Wonderful herb rich meadows and pasture are a level of quality of our products. As an ethical company our colostrum is harvested after the newborn calves get their share. We deliver throughout Europe. Natural Vitality ensuring a fast delivery for United Kingdom customers. You searching for health and wellness hacks? Follow us on social media to get information and product discounts!