Organic Colostrum - natural booster for your immune system!

Sep 29 , 2018

Anja Jungbluth

Organic Colostrum - natural booster for your immune system!

Organic Colostrum consists of many things which are strength and growth-enhancing for your immune system. 

How does colostrum works for the immune system

Specially in the Autumn Winter time, when the days are shorter and darker. 

During the Autumn, and Winter time it is a challenge for our immune system to keep us fit and healthy.

in these days when virus and bakeries starting to attack us, so it is quiet a good idea to boost our immune system. 

What better way to boost our immune system, than with ingredients provided by mother nature. 

A run down immune system is the way in for many illnesses to our body. Organic Colostrum - no matter if liquid or capsules - will boost the immune system naturally. 

Due to our changing lifestyles and the stress often caused by work and other external factors our immune system is  often run down and we feel exhausted. 

Organic colostrum is having many ingredients which are important to strengthen the immune system. 

The facts how colostrum can boost your immune system!

Organic Colostrum contains many natural ingredients:

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  1. Growth factors are proteins, which strength the bodies natural immune system. 
    The growth factor IGF-1 found in colostrum is double the concentration compared to any other natural source. 

    2. Antibodies, also known as immunoglobulins. The Antibodies fight against germs which infiltrate the immune system. In organic colostrum you find the following antibodies which are boosting your immune system: 

    IgA(immunglobuline A): A strong Antibody which protects against viruses.IgG (immunglobuline G): This is one of the organic colostrum's highest concentration components. It stays in the gut or moves into the lymphs where it neutralize toxins and viruses

    IgM (immunoglobulin M): Together with the IgG it kills bacteria and due to the the memory function it gives us the support to protect us from future similar illnesses. 

    IgD (immunoglobulin D): Working against viruses and bacteria.

    IgE (immunoglobulin E): The function of this antibody is to fight against allergies and parasites.

    3. Vitamins - The Vitamin-B-Complex will keep us fit and helps to protect our cells of stress, and shortens the regeneration time after illness. Colostrum also contains : Vitality through to organic colostrum

    Vitamin A (function and protection of eyes, skin, mucosae) 
    Vitamin B1 (important for neural system and thyroid gland) 
    Vitamin B2 (utilization of fat, proteins, carbohydrates)

Vitamin B3 (reduction of fat and support for sleep)

Vitamin B5 (Reduces hair loss and grey hair) 

Vitamin B6 (detoxing, supporting the liver function) 

Vitamin B9 (healing and growth of muscles and cells) 

Vitamin B12 (concentration, protection of our neural system) 

Vitamin C (stabilise the body’s defences)

Vitamin D (helps bone formation)

Minerals & tracer elements-
in organic colostrum:


Selenium (detoxing) 
Phosphorus (energy source),
Zinc (antioxidative), 
Sodium (forwarding of nerve impulses)
potassium (functioning of muscels and nerves), 
Calcium (stimulation of nerve, activation of body own enzyms and hormons einiger Enzyme und Hormone) 
ferrous (transport of oxygen in the body)